The true-life story of escort Barbara

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Hello, gentleman’s and regular clients of i am Barbara 23 years old and today i want to share my true-life story of how i came in the Netherlands and start to work as a high-class escort girl in Amsterdam.

I was born in a small village next to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. My parent s were poor and we didn’t have a lot of money. My mother uses to always tell me that i deserve a better life. And i start to fight for it.

If you not coming from a rich family the rich family has to come from you!


I start to learn English because i was sure that one day i will need it after i left my parents house and the country. That was the plan. After high school, i feel like it is the right time to make major changes and move to another place. I choose the Netherlands. Never been out of my home country but i hear very good things about the Netherlands and the Dutch people.


So that was it, puck your stuff Barbara and let’s find our happiness.


At 19 years old and one of my best friends come to Holland. We signed up at the University of Amsterdam. But the money was never enough. With my bestie, we were trying to find a job, it doesn’t matter what kind of just to have enough money to pay our bills and studying. Then we find out that the escort service is legal. We were sure that we can make a lot of money from this job and we start to search on the internet for the best escort agencies in Amsterdam. We stopped at The website was looking very professional and the guy on the phone was sounding very serious. He explains to us all the rules of the escort business and how everything is working. Then we decided to try.


In the beginning, it was hard to do this job but the money was good so I and my friend kept ongoing. In one pint i start to like it!

I like the money i make and the great time i spend with our customers. I finish Unevrsy and still doing this job. I like to be an escort girl in Amsterdam. Is a big fun for me and i can be recommended to the young girls who are looking for easy money.

Thank you for the help and support.

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